Spring Study Day – Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre,

1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver



Spring Study Day 2016 was a fantastic day when we enjoyed talks from Fergus Garrett from Great Dixter, UK, and Daniel J. Hinkley, of Windcliff, on the Kitsap Peninsula near Indianola, WA; and Susie Egan, owner of Cottage Lake Gardens, WA.

Fergus Garrett

 Fergus Garrett for website

Fergus joined Great Dixter as Head Gardener in 1992 and worked closely with owner Christopher Lloyd as gardener and friend during an important time in the garden’s development. Now he combines his full-time, hands-on gardening role at Dixter with lecturing, writing articles, serving on Royal Horticultural Society committees and, as Chief Executive of the Great Dixter Charitable Trust, moving the east Sussex garden forward in ever more exciting directions.

 Daniel J. Hinkley

Dan Hinkley

Dan Hinkley is a teacher, writer, lecturer, consultant, nurseryman, naturalist, gardener…..he is best known for establishing Heronswood Nursery, in Kingston, Washington; and Windcliff, on the Kitsap Peninsula near Indianola, WA; and for collecting, propagating, and naming varieties of plants new to the North American nursery trade.

Above all, he is committed to solid and sustainable horticultural practices, above average garden plants, landscapes of distinction and raising the collective awareness of the diversity of plant life on Earth as well as the magic and mysteries of our natural world.

 Susie Egan

Susie Egan

Susie Egan, owner of Cottage Lake Gardens, a private garden & plant nursery in Woodinville, WA, is a landscape designer, garden coach, writer and lecturer on various gardening topics from WA Native Plants to Wonderful Plants with Winter Interest.

Susie’s focus in recent years has been the study and propagation of woodland shade plants and spring ephemerals particularly Trillium, which she grows from seed. Cottage Lake Gardens is one of the only gardens that grow all of the 48 different species of Trillium in one location and Susie is in the process of establishing a National Trillium Collection whose purpose will be to study, conserve, grow, and propagate the endangered Trillium wildflower.